Octavia Books

Octavia Books is an independent, locally-owned bookstore located in Uptown New Orleans serving book lovers everywhere. Octavia Books carries a great hand-picked selection of books. The owners and staff welcome readers to come by to talk about the latest releases or to find old favorites. Octavia Books sponsors two book clubs and welcomes other books clubs to their space. For more information, contact 504.899.7323 or bookworm@octaviabooks.com. | http://www.octaviabooks.com


WWNO — New Orleans Public Radio provides NPR news, music and cultural programming, as well as local programs that reflect the unique character of the New Orleans region. Central to this dynamic mix is the rich cultural heritage of our region, which inspired programs such as All Things New Orleans, a collection of public radio features and local voices that tell the stories of our area, and Louisiana Eats!, a look at the unique crossroads of food and culture in New Orleans and across Louisiana, shared by the individuals who are making it happen. | wwno.org

UNO Division of International Education

The University of New Orleans Division of International Education is home to UNO’s flagship program, the UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School, as well as a range of study abroad and exchange programs worldwide that serve 500 students annually. In addition, the Division offers support, programming and immigration advising to the 800 international students and scholars on campus as well as an Intensive English Language Program that prepares students for academic success and offers a pathway to matriculation in the University. | http://inst.uno.edu/

The Mintz Center at Tulane Hillel

The Mintz Center boasts a beautiful space in Uptown New Orleans with multi-media meeting rooms, exceptionally designed lounges and party areas, and a delicious, local, organic catering facility. We have been host to film screenings, lectures, retreats, celebrations, meetings and more. Completed in January 2011, the Goldie & Morris Mintz Center has quickly become one of the most popular spots in Uptown New Orleans. Not only is our state-of-the-art facility enjoyed by Tulane University students, professors and staff, it is also a go-to destination for members of our New Orleans community to host meetings, conferences and special events. Our rooms are equipped with the most updated technology including projectors, drop down screens and surround sound, and our in-house caterer is one of Uptown’s best kept secrets. | http://www.tulanehillel.org/the-mintz-center/

Center Austria

CenterAustria manages numerous activities that are part and parcel of the 30-year old model transatlantic UNO – University of Innsbruck partnership treaty (student and faculty exchanges, academic conferences, publications, lectures, art exhibits, concerts). Every year some 100 Austrian students study at UNO for a semester or a year through partnership programs.

CenterAustria also organizes the Marshall Plan Chair program with the the Austrian Marshall Plan Anniversary Foundation in Vienna, serves as the hub for Austrian and European Studies at UNO, and publishes the annual publication Contemporary Austrian Studies — one of the premier journals on Austria in the English-speaking word. | http://centeraustria.org/

Tulane University Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Tulane University, the site of the founding of the American Political Science Association in 1903, is one of the oldest departments of its kind in the nation. Its mission is to contribute to a deeper understanding of politics and government through faculty research and publication; to serve as a source of expertise to the public; and to educate students about the principal questions and debates in the discipline. The department is committed to teaching students to analyze politics, identify key concepts, research effectively, and communicate persuasively. Through service learning and internship programs, we provide students with the opportunity to be active and informed participants in politics. The department also engages in inter- and multidisciplinary teaching and research through involvement in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. | http://tulane.edu/liberal-arts/political-science/

UNO BA in International Studies

The University of New Orleans BA in International Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore shifting world dynamics and gain international savviness, giving them an edge in today’s increasingly globalized job market. In an age of changing geopolitical relations, the emergence of a global economy, revolutions in telecommunications, and increased levels of unrest, international competence is more important than ever. | http://www.uno.edu/Academics/InternationalStudiesBA.aspx

Stone Center, Tulane University

Nationally, few institutions of Tulane’s size compare in the number of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students majors, library holdings and support for research dedicated to the support of Latin American studies across the university. When viewed in relationship to the percentage of the relatively small available pool of institutional resources—faculty, students, library holdings and budget—Tulane’s commitment to Latin American Studies is comparable or superior to institutions such as Stanford and Duke, among private universities, and to the University of Texas and the University of California at Los Angeles, among large public universities, whose faculties and student bodies are three to five times larger. In addition to averaging over 100 core and affiliated Latinamericanist faculty, the University has over two dozen centers and institutes whose resources are wholly or partially dedicated to the study of Latin America | stonecenter.tulane.edu